Environmental Leadership

UNIC’s Green Heart

“Taking Action with the Future of the Earth in Mind”

UNIC is committed to providing homes, shops, offices and industry with the most efficient and safest solutions to meet all your cooling and heating needs, today and in the future.

We are keenly aware of our responsibility to protect the environment in everything we do, and all our policies, practices and processes are developed and implemented with environmental sustainability at their heart.

Environmental sustainability is a fundamental objective for UNIC. We conduct our business in accordance with green principles, because it makes sound economical as well as ecological sense.

UNIC is ahead of legislation

As buildings account for over 40% of the energy consumption (mainly for space heating and hot water), there is a huge opportunity for UNIC to decrease this consumption with our energy-efficient cooling and heating solutions.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive states that all new buildings should be nearly zero energy buildings by 2020. UNIC has already taken action to help make this goal a reality. Together with a number of renowned European research institutes, we have set up several test projects for net zero energy buildings using renewable energy solutions, including our heat pump technology and solar cells.

Minimizing UNIC’s environmental impact

UNIC aims to have minimal environmental impact and wishes to take up a leadership role in this respect.

If we can reduce our energy use in our manufacturing and distribution processes by practising green purchasing and optimizing our supply chain, then we will also reduce costs. By designing our products and integrated solutions to operate more efficiently, we will help our customers to reduce their carbon footprint and lower their operating costs.

Each year, UNIC works harder to implement our environmental policy and minimise the environmental impact of everything we do: from sustainable procurement, product design and responsible manufacturing, distribution, sales practice and end-of-life equipment recycling.

We look for new ways to demonstrate our ‘green heart’ by further reducing energy and water consumption in our production and office areas; by containing safely the refrigerants used in our products; by reducing the waste generated during production through effective treatment, reuse and recycling of waste materials.

Environmental Sustainability within our customer base

UNIC chillers can provide precise control of temperatures during manufacturing, for use in chilling processes. They can also provide wider climate control of the manufacturing environment, as part of an overall building management system.

We keep our customers fully informed about the latest advances in our innovative, energy-efficient technologies, and provide them with intelligently controlled, integrated solutions that deliver even greater cost savings and reductions in carbon emissions.

UNIC sal

Start manufacturing in 1987 as independent Company. Reestablished under UNIC s.a.l. in 1997.UNIC is renowned for our pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of our integrated solutions.
From the efficiency of our compressors and inverter technology, to our latest advances in refrigerants and product design for seasonal efficiency, UNIC is at the very forefront of energy efficiency and innovation.