UNIC Represents Innovation & Quality

Innovation and quality have always been the keystones of UNIC philosophy. We are established leaders in air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation innovation, supplying solutions to home and industry, which are the world-leading examples of air-conditioning and refrigeration trough chilled water systems, innovation and quality.

Innovation and quality development

Our success story is the result of offering the very best products to all our customers.

UNIC has established its position as a leader in air-conditioning and refrigeration with chilled water systems, thanks to close cooperation and teamwork between our distributors, dealers, customers and our staff.

We rely upon feedback from all our stakeholders to identify and satisfy all our customer's needs, so that we can develop innovative energy-efficient products and solutions, which provide the ultimate in comfort and reliability.

UNIC is the unique producer to select the best compressors and components from the market to fit the most reliable equipment, as well as manufacturing air-conditioning and refrigeration, trough chilled water systems solutions. As a result, we have full control of every component within a UNIC unit and can bring the very latest innovations to our products.


UNIC is well known for air-conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation quality. Because we focus on quality extent to everything, we do, from product quality in design and manufacture to organizational quality being a top employer.

UNIC sal

Start manufacturing in 1987 as independent Company. Reestablished under UNIC s.a.l. in 1997.UNIC is renowned for our pioneering approach to product development and the unrivalled quality and versatility of our integrated solutions.
From the efficiency of our compressors and inverter technology, to our latest advances in refrigerants and product design for seasonal efficiency, UNIC is at the very forefront of energy efficiency and innovation.